ResoundingFingerboard for cello and double bass

Accessories for cello and bass for the left-hand playing technique

Cello players and double bass players use the same fingerboard attachment. Only the bad fingerboard day solution differs. 


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Resounding Fingerboard for cello

In principle, the attachment fits on whole instruments just as well as on children's instruments. Our experience is that down to a 1/2 cello a free swinging side is possible.



Double bass

ResoundingFingerboard für Kontrabass

The shapes and surfaces of the double bass fingerboard are very diverse. Sometimes they are very uneven which makes it more difficult to make the attachment adhere properly. Nevertheless, we would like to give double bass players the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of the ResoundingFingerboard. Fortunately, we have found out, that with 2 out of 3 instruments so far, the attachment adheres without any problems and the rest could fall back successfully to the >>Bad-Fingerboard-Day-Solution<<.

Attach it on children's instruments

Basically, it is good if at least one open string can vibrate freely. You can then play with the bow at the same time and practice topics such as the independence of the right and left hand. The smaller the instrument, the less space there is between the string and the fingerboard. If you want to achieve at least one freely swinging string, you have the following options zu attach.

  1. The attachment is attached between the two middle strings and pushed as far as possible towards the scroll. Either you press down the small suction cup or you carefully pinch it under the two adjacent strings. The outermost strings should now vibrate freely. If neither of them swings freely, you can try to move the attachment a little closer to one of the two middle strings in order to gain a little more space for the other string. If that doesn't help:

  2. Attach the ResoundingFingerboard between two other strings. Depending on the structural matters, there is mostly still just enough space to be able to press down the large suction cup. If not, try the following: 1) Try if you indispensably need the suction cup or: 2) Use the >>Bad-Fingerboard-Day-Solution<<.

  3. Push the attachment towards the scroll just so far that one string can still vibrate freely.

Nothing helps? Feel free to fall back on the >>personal support<<.


There are days when just nothing works right. Everything that can be done is done, and yet the adherence is not satisfactory. We call these day a Bad-Fingerboard-Day. Sometimes such a day lasts a couple of hours, sometimes only minutes. In any case, it is worth knowing the >>solution<< and keeping the velcro strips in the instrumental case.