Just doing it!

Doing, trying out, changing: this is how many of our projects can be characterized. We are often confronted with questions that allow us to experiment.

What we do

We also resort to objects that grab our attention, when experimenting. We us them in our own practice and teaching. We are by no means systematic in doing this. Sometimes it takes hours or even months to find a new path. Often it is a small helper or a"distraction" that can be caused by another object, or the use of materials that help us to relax while practicing at the same time. Just as intensively as we work with "helpers", we also work without them, constantly looking for when and where they are useful or simply superfluous.

Since some of our topics can actually be described with the unattractive term "healthy", people think that it must all be boring. This is where the prejudice comes into play that "being healthy" always means renunciation and having no fun with it. We have made the experience that you really have to seriously do without only one thing: you have to do without the "as always/as usual".


"Helpers" are not always wise to use. However, sometimes they even prevent exactly what they were made for. Realizing this has helped us to really only focus on what brings about improvements to many players or teachers.

Here we present ideas that you can simply try out, as well as the necessary >>helper<< and, if necessary, further information. Substantial and more complex topics that we publish ourselves or of which we gain knowledge we link.

Some of the ideas also make it into our >>workshops<<, which we offer for small groups.