Small "helpers" with a big effect

They offer us a "plus" in several respects, for the technique, the sound and the music. The helpers listed here are suitable for regular use. Clicking on a picture will take you to further descriptions, videos, to exercises or links to exercises, Q&A if applicable and information on how to get them.

The collection also wants to invite you to experiment with objects yourself and see if things change.

Fingerboard attachment

ResoundingFingerboard for vibrato, trills, double stops, finger drop, finger pressure, coordination, finger speed

Using foot massage rollers

Foot rollers

Suitable for coordination, rhythm, rhythmic stability, relaxation and phrasing

Balls for your hands violin playing 40mm

Stainless steel balls

The stainless steel balls for supple and warm fingers and hands

Finger massage rings violin

Finger massage rings

The massage rings for flexible and warm fingers

Ball cushion TOGU

Ball cushions

The large air-filled ball cushion is suitable for activating balance during exercise

Mat with nubs

Studded rubber mat

The studded mat is suitable for a relaxed staying and activating balance during exercise

Mini ball Cuhions from TOGU

Mini Ball Cushions

The air-filled mini ball cushions are suitable for activating balance during exercise

Aero-Step TOGU


The AeroStep is suitable for activating balance during practicing