Left hand pizzicato


It is impossible to imagine literature without left hand pizzicato (LHP), not because it is used so often, but rather on the contrary: because it is used comparatively seldom, mainly in romantic or contemporary literature. However, one important aspect is neglected: the consideration of what can be meaningfully connected to the LHP.

One important aspect is the development of important basics for instrumental technique. These include, for example:

  • coordination,
  • rhythms and
  • rhythm stability on several levels,
  • finger pressure,
  • vibrato,
  • fluency,
  • changing hand positions.
Pizzicato left hand
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LHP as a practising technique is basically characterised by gentle, precise plucking with the fingers of the left hand. The basis for this are rhythms (1-, 2-, 3- or 4-part) and/or passages from the literature to be practised, with which a basic coordination between the fingers is built up and developed. The following can be directly incorporated into the coordinating practice:

  • the use of the bow
  • the involvement of the whole body.

Using the fingerboard attachment

Performing with the ResoundingFingerboard
Workbook: systematised

To practically link the left-hand pizzicato as a practice technique with the instrumental technique of the high strings is a project that will be completed in February 2022: A book with 40 exercises for violin and viola. The booklet is for teachers and practitioners of all playing levels and is designed to be multimedia-based and systematically structured. It also includes links to other playing techniques such as changing strings, scales, increasing fluency, intervals as double stops, chord technique and the left-hand pizzicato as a playing technique, just published as an  online mini-subscription on studioTSNH.

Warm-up: to get to know

If you just want to get a taste of the subject, you can do so with the four-step warm-up. At the same time, it shows how you can put together your own short and effective warm-up exercises for any occasion from the extensive exercise booklet. This warm-up is also suitable for almost all levels: Hints on how to adapt it for beginning lessons are linked, so-called simplification options.