Left hand pizzicato

It is impossible to imagine literature without left hand pizzicato (LHP), not because it is used so often, but rather on the contrary: because it is used comparatively seldom, mainly in romantic or contemporary literature. However, one important aspect is neglected: the consideration of what can be meaningfully connected to the LHP.

One important aspect is the development of important basics for instrumental technique. These include, for example:

  • coordination,
  • rhythms and
  • rhythm stability on several levels,
  • finger pressure,
  • vibrato,
  • fluency,
  • changing hand positions.

Practically combining these and other playing techniques with the left hand pizzicato for all playing levels is a current project. Published interim goals can be found below/on the left.

A cello can doo that too

When the young cello student Johanna tried our >>fingerboard attachment<< for the first time, she also tried a typical coordination exercise of the high strings on the cello. We captured it with the >>video<<