Coordination and Rhythm

Warm up in 4 steps for violin and viola

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The four steps

Step by step , this warm up enables an improvement of the coordination between the fingers of the left hand, the bow and the feet. It is for students and for teachers. If you take in account to simplify some parts it can already be introduced to beginners. Advanced players can use it with an nearly unlimited increase of the level of difficulty. The steps build on ach other and each can also be performed independently. The warm up is based on left hand pizzicato as a "practice technique" in two lines. Ideally, two lines with a rhythm can be read at the same time. A way of how to perform the warm up without being yet able to read the assumed two lines at the same time, is linked. To perform it you need your instrument and your bow. You can find suitable rhythms. They can always be replaced with your own ones or completed.

Coordination is practiced within the 4 steps the following way:

  • Basic Step: between the fingers of the left hand
  • Step 2: between the fingers of the left hand and your feet
  • Step 3: between the fingers of the left hand and your bow
  • Step 4: between all parts at the same time