ResoundingFingerboard instructions

Dear Customer,

You’re now holding a hand-produced ResoundingFingerboard you can call your own. A world first, it is designed to help string players achieve a free and relaxed vibrato, faster, looser trills, and increased speed in their fingers, along with many other advantages. Please read the following information first of all, to get you off to the best possible start. If you have any questions regarding how to clean, care for or use your ResoundingFingerboard, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Attach the ResoundingFingerboard

If you’re not sure how to attach the ResoundingFingerboard correctly, please watch the video at >><< or get in touch with us. Just to give you an idea: Once you’ve got the knack, it usually takes less than 30 seconds to attach.

How to store the attachment

Protect your fingerboard attachment! We recommend storing it in a dust-free place, and keeping it away from direct sun or UV radiation. The darker the better! Why dust-free? The smoother the bottom side is, the better it will adhere to the fingerboard.

How to use it

The ResoundingFingerboard has been designed to allow users to develop the best possible balance between stability and flexibility in their fingers. Thanks to its design, movement patterns that have become habitual can be quickly “unlearned” and new movements trained at the same time. If you feel like you’re having trouble with the little knobs, make a conscious effort to take the pressure out of your fingers – as we usually play using far too much pressure. Be sure to start with “exaggerated” slow movements.

There are many different ways of how to use it. They all depend on what you want to achieve, train or develop. Visit >><<, the official website of the resoundingFingerboard. There you find topics, ideas, video and links to exercises.

Clean your ResoundingFingerboard

The surface of your ResoundingFingerboard will become dirty over time, due to its proximity to the rosin dust and it coming into contact with your hands (hand perspiration). Sooner or later, you will notice that your attachment no longer adheres properly to the fingerboard, or feels greasy to the touch. Washing it regularly in clean water and then drying it carefully with a lint-free cloth is usually enough. Avoid using any aggressive detergents or cleaning agents, as well as contact with solvents and similar substances. You can use a mild hand soap however.

The two suction cups will adhere simply by applying pressure, depending on how clean your fingerboard is. The suction cups are designed so that you can moisten them a little before pressing them down. This way they will have a firmer hold on the fingerboard. Once in while “Bad-Fingerboard-Days” exist. It just doesn’t stick enough on those days, even if you do everything the correct way. It has to do with the humidity. If there is only little moisture in the air, you can tell that not only from the sound of the instrument but also from the surface of the fingerboard. For these days there is an alternative fastening option with small velcro strips. They are included in the scope of delivery. After use, simply clean the fingerboard with a cloth as usual. Learn more about the >>Bad-Fingerboard-Day-Solution<<.

Please note

This product should be used for its intended purpose only and should be kept away from small children. Avoid placing too much pressure on the material by bending, stretching or using not acceptable cleaning agents (only mild hand soap is recommended). Avoid to store it in direct sun or UV radiation. This can damage your fingerboard attachment.

Your innovators
Angelika and Erdmute