Rhythm - The route is the goal

That sounds banal and in part it is. But: Being able to "feel" rhythm stability, rhythm in the body and also learning and deepening rhythm is a skill that will certainly never be completed as long as we want to develop further. We all notice in ourselves that there are situations in which we are better and less good. That depends not only on our daily constitution, but also on what we are doing at the same time. An example: If we do "rhythm exercises" for the rhythm itself, it is different than when we do complicated rhythms with generally simpler technical aspects (e.g. four tied notes) or with more difficult technical aspects (e.g. combined with large changes of hand position, jumps, double stops , chords, polyphony, etc.). As long as we want to develop further, we need attractive and meaningful approaches.

Pass along

Another motivation for our experiments is the field of ​​"teaching". Forms of instruction have changed a lot in the last few years: Individual lessons are no longer the preferred method of choice (although it is still a must for a profound instrumental training!). Much has shifted to larger groups, including entire class groups, which certainly means that many more young people can enjoy basic instrumental education.

However, according to our experiences, there is not enough offer for the topic "rhythm". Achieve rhythmic precision must be fun, should be able to be achieved directly by everyone and very important: Everyone should be able to develop this themselves and notice for themselves how things are connected. We don't want to miss the metronome, but it's not enough for these purposes.

What we are working on

So far we have pursued three different ideas. One of them, the integration of a >>textured massage roller <<, is our first major project in this context: We are trying to find out, how "rhythm" can be meaningfully combined with other technical instrumental challenges. We have already published the very first interim results.