Supporting the body while practising

When practising and making music, we demand a lot from our bodies, but we are rarely aware of it at the time. We asked ourselves how we can best support our body in general, directly when practising. If you don't want to limit yourself to individual limbs, you quickly come to the topic of "balance".

Without a good sense of balance, our body quickly gets out of balance. Training the sense of balance helps to strengthen the deep muscles and motor skills, helps us to orientate ourselves better in space, which also has an effect on the sound. And - also crucial for us musicians: the organ of equilibrium plays an important role in the precise control of body movements in general, in moving in the dark and in mastering complex sequences of movements. But it is just as important for static positions like standing and sitting.

As musicians, we need a particularly well-functioning balance. We have put together some initial suggestions on how to support this during practice on Activate balance.

Activate balance while practicing violin and viola

Acitvate balance while practicing

There are ways to gently activate balance while practising. Interestingly, it can be observed that children who like to move a lot (fidget) become much calmer in the process and make greater leaps in progress.