Black Roll

Rückenrolle für Rhythmus lernen

With a back roll, also known as a blackroll or fascia roll, you can not only relax while exercising: She can also be used to practice violin and viola technique in a targeted manner. Basic idea: A back roller is placed between the player's back and the wall or window behind them. By moving the body up and down, the roller is then rolled along the back. Various exercises can then be performed with different goals and intentions. 

Targeted areas of application

In particular, movement-coordination exercises, the internalization of rhythm stability and the "feeling" of phrasing can be internalized very well through the back roll.

Use for arm vibrato: 6 Exercises from the collection >>arm vibrato<< show how to internalize the base arm and finger movements, independence from bow and vibrato speed or the interplay of position changes, flageolet and arm vibrato with the back roll.

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We are gradually introducing more specific exercises for high strings here.

Similar results and yet differences

Similar results can be achieved with a >>foot roller<<. A significant difference, however, is that the simultaneous body activity in the back roll is much greater. Among other things, the leg muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles are trained at the same time. Active stretching of the whole body upwards also has an enormous impact on one's own body perception and the perception of the body in space. However, the aspect of the "distance" between the beginning and the end of the direction of a movement and the "impulse" at the beginning / end of a movement at the moment of the change of direction is similar.

Smaller differences exist, for example, in the endurance, in the handling and ultimately in the variety of possibilities. The latter difference indicates that you can generally insert an additional coordination component (i.e. two in total) with your feet, while you only have one additional component available with the back roll. You can only use the back roll while standing, while you can use one foot roller while standing and sitting and with two rollers you can only practice while sitting.

An ideal combination actually lies in the variety of both helpers. The most important thing when deciding what to use right now is that it feels good.