Foot rollers

Various foot rollers at a glance

There are generally soft and hard textured massage rollers. Often people think that "soft" is always more comfortable than "hard". From the experience with many hundreds of users, however, it can be concluded that this first impression is often not confirmed and that many ultimately prefer the hard rollers. We briefly present the ones that are most suitable for us.

Recommended rollers

We have had others try out all the roles listed below and describe to us how they affect them.


hart klassischhard-classic: hard, air-filled textured massage rollers. Very high perception of the resulting relaxation when using it while practicing. Highly effective in internalizing phrasing. Activates the foot reflex zones and promotes blood circulation. Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Particularly recommended by:
... Children
... Students, because relaxation feels the strongest
... Adults who want to work particularly comfortably and effectively

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hart klassischhard-oval: hard, air-filled textured massage rollers. Activates the foot reflex zones and promotes blood circulation. Ideal for young and old. Advantage: The player has to actively guide the rolling track or keep the roller on track through more muscle activity.

Recommended by:
... Beginners and experienced

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hart klassischhard-concave: hard, air-filled massage rollers. Improves blood circulation and activates the foot reflex zones. The track when rolling is essentially determined by the shape of the roll. Suitable for everyone.

Recommended by:
.... Children with small feet
... Beginners

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hart klassischsoft-classic: soft, air-fielled massage rollers. Knobs are flexible but stil dimensionally stable, which is ideal for practicing. Activates the foot reflex zones and promotes blood circulation. Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Recommended by:
... Children, because it also feels "soft"
... Adults, who like to sit in a high chair and want to put less pressure on the roller

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