Ball cushions

Ball cushions are a wonderful way to >>activate your balance while practicing<<, depending on the type of cushion in different ways. Ball cushions are generally air-filled cushions that you can sit on.

Air-filled cushions are generally suitable if the material has the necessary grip not to slip away. If you want to stand on the cushion with stockings on, the material should be made in such a way that you don't slip off. They don't necessarily have to have pimples. Even seat cushions with a smooth surface can be sufficient to activate balance. The effect of the knobs, however, basically brings additional relaxation because the soles of the feet (foot reflex zones) are stimulated. The combination of "air cushions" with "knobs" is therefore ideal.

Adjust air pressure

With many of the air cushions, the amount of air can be adjusted individually. This also makes sense: Depending on your constitution, experience, weight and ability to balance your equilibrium, more or less air is right. We cannot give a clear recommendation as to exactly how much air is required. But it helps to orientate yourself on how your own body reacts.

We can say from our experience that: If the balance is not yet particularly good, it is advisable to start with too much air. If you stand on the cushion with one foot you should still feel the ground. By placing the second leg on the cushion, you can then slowly "push yourself up". All further steps should then be tried out yourself.

Tip for teachers

We recommend simply having several cushions with different air strengths in the studio / room. Most of the time, the children find out very quickly which one is right for them. This saves you from having to constantly adjust the air pressure.