A studded rubber mat for almost every occasion

The studded rubber mat should not be missing in any music-making household, as it allows everyone to stand in a relaxed position. A good, at the same time stable and flexible, healthy stande has effects up to the shoulder and neck area and gives everyone a new body feeling. The mat ideal for both experienced and inexperienced, because the balance is activated in a gentle way, although the body does not have to compensate for any major "fluctuations".

Your mat from TOGU

How to use it

There is not much to consider when using it. The only thing that should always be given is that everyone can get off the mat at any time. Just oneself can tell when the time has come to get off. In our experience, the body lets you know.

Teachers have a great benefit

Teachers feel twice as good: if they have their own mat available during the time, they can use the time for themselves at the same time.

For group lessons

The advantages for group lessons, e.g. in Suzuki classes, making music in a class or in smaller groups, are obvious. The mat does not only replaces the popular foot markings. Beyond that, many can benefit from it at the same time and the overall result improves enormously.