Achieve mobility with the fingerboard attachment

Questions and comments on the topic of "mobility" in connection with the fingerboard attachment are summarised and commented on here. Mobility basically plays a big role. But also the feeling of being mobile and being able to move the fingers as one would like.

Warm Up

Very advanced pupils (level: preparation for entrance examination for a Musikhochschule or Conservatory) report that they no longer have to warm up for so long since they regularly practise with the fingerboard attachment. Others warm up with the attachment (feedback from rather young people). Teachers report that they warm up at the beginning of the lesson with the  attachment. They notice that scales and double stops are much better afterwards and that the pupils improve very quickly themselves.

ema comment

We would rather not dispense the warming up, because - if you use itin this way - it is a valuable contribution to the constant development of the technique. But it is conceivable that it could be done more quickly due to the use of the attachment. Great advantage for the pupils!