Finger massage rings

The finger massage rings are particularly suitable for people making music and who need their fingers to be loose, well supplied with blood and flexible. After a short period of correct use, the fingers feel looser and warmer and the sound becomes a softer component. Musicians also describe that their fingers become very fast after using the rings and that they can easily increase the speed of their playing with scales or arpeggios and play also with greater precision. The rings also have positive impact with signs of fatigue, regardless of age and gaming experience.

Which rings are suitable?

We regularly try out rings and have them tested intensively by many musicians: Not every ring is suitable, the differences are bigger than you might expect. The focus is on the following criteria: When do you feel an effect most clearly? How can the effect be described? How do children and adults react?

For all ages

The finger massage rings can be used very well in instrumental lessons. Even children aged 6 or 7 enjoy doing this. The rings are suitable for warming the fingers at the beginning of the lesson. They can also be integrated into games and stories, especially for the younger children. Older children and teenagers like to ask „why“ they should use the ring. Once you have tried it and heard another result of your playing yourself, the ring usually ends up in the instrument case and is always unpacked as a matter of course.

How to do it right

Once the ring is on your finger, it should always be in motion to ensure blood flow. To do this, one should simply move the ring over the entire length of the finger, slowly or quickly. The speed results from what is comfortable for you.

Consider all fingers

Everyone can also divide the movement into smaller sections and massage all the phalanges of the fingers separately. Don’t forget the tumb. One likes to forget the last phalanx at the top of the fingernail. Since this is usually the shortest, the movements are also much smaller here.