Let it go


One can say that one of the main challenges is to allow the body to allow the fingers and arms to let go. For example, we often don't notice that we play with too much finger pressure on the strings. If we notice it, we cannot necessarily reduce it so easily. Many also do not know the feeling that is to be created when the pressure is reduced.

After discovering by chance the effects that can be achieved with the fingerboard attachment and the bow attachment, and seeing and feeling for ourselves that "letting go" (relaxing) can be so easy, we started looking for ways to do it. Our compilation is not exhaustive.

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Bow attachment

The bow attachment is presented, which enables letting go and relaxing while playing.

Finger fit for the violin and viola

Finger fit ideas

Small ideas are presented on how to warm up your fingers before practising and thus make them more flexible and supple.

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Fingerboard attachment

The fingerboard attachment is presented, which enables us to let go directly while practising in an uncomplicated way.