Arm vibrato: questions on the exercises

For violin and viola players

Mini-Workshop for the publication: Armvibrato ISBN 978-3-00-068280-3 by Erdmute Maria Hohage, for violin and viola. The exercise book contains 39 practice ideas for the arm vibrato and has more than 90 variations. The aim of the workshop is to discuss questions around the practice ideas.

Vibrato Geige und Bratsche
Video impression of the booklet

Target group

Participation is open to anyone who owns the booklet Armvibrato ISBN 978-3-00-068280-3 (alternatively the Armvibrato subscription in studioTSNH) and has had first experience with the exercises as a practitioner and/or as a teacher. As the workshop builds directly on the questions of the participants, it is assumed that participants:

  • actively participate with their questions and experiences
  • are willing to try out exercises together with others
  • want to participate with audio and video.

In addition to a suitable terminal device (computer, laptop, tablet or similar) for audio and video participation, the following are required:

  • Instrument
  • Bow
  • Edition Armvibrato ISBN 978-3-00-068280-3 (alternatively: the mini subscription at

Scheduled workshops

6th December 2023

Start: 6th December 5 pm (CET)
6th December 6:30 pm (CET)

Group size: 4-6 participants


Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass

Registration deadline:
30th November 2023

Registration takes place via the electronic registration form. 
The following apply Course terms and the privacy policy.
Allocation of places:
The number of places is limited to 4-6 participants. They will be allocated according to the number of registrations received. If the date is already fully booked, we will offer a place on the waiting list (after prior consultation).


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