Performance enhancement with healthy effectiveness

Practicing can be fun

ema is a young initiative that aims to combine performance improvement on the instrument with healthy effectiveness. It has already produced a number of publications on specific playing technique topics, a series of recommended helpers, its own helpers and an online platform through which other people can also publish ideas. The world of practicing does not have to be reinvented every day: a view from different perspectives and a little joy in experimenting are a good basis for discovering what is offered here for yourself:

You are cordially invited to go on your discovery tour.

Xxercising in motion

Integrating the body

How the body can support us -and we support: Conscious // Evoke // Does good

Rhythm learning

How rhythm learning can be directly linked to building playing technique: high strings


Learning vibrato

Improving independence between right and left // What helps us to achieve the optimal balance between stability and flexibility

Left-hand pizzicato

Pizzicato left hand

How just a few minutes a day can help us to improve the essential foundations for building playing technique on the violin and viola.


Offers for self-learning, information and exchange



Online and print publications with exercises and ideas of teaching and practicing


Overview of all the helpers we recommend to support us in practising and teaching

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