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Left hand pizzicato

can be used deliberately for different technical aspects of learning the violin: learn rhythm, coordination, Finger fitness etc. An extensive project is about to be expected at the end of the year. The first intermediary results are available. The focus is on the high strings. Lower strings can also benefit from it.


is one of the most personal means of expression. Learning vibrato is associated with many challenges for violin and viola teachers. We are currently working on an overview of which exercises can be used to achieve which improvements with which problems. The overview should make it possible to localize the existing problems more specifically. Basis is the published collection ISBN 978-3-00-068280-3.


is the pulse of every music. How can you feel rhythm throughout your body? Learning rhythm can be great fun because many instrumental aspects can be linked to it at the same time. We are currently working on the question, how to combine rhythm practice and rhythm learning in a meaningful way for every individual. An important challenge is to be able to achieve rhythm stability without having to rely on a metronome.


is a new platform for ideas by and for musicians from all over the world. It has been online since autumn 2020. The first mini-subscriptions are ready and many ideas need to be taken up as soon as possible. So the first steps have been taken.

Fingerboard attachment

with advantages for (not only) the left-hand technique of all strings: The description of its variety of applications has not yet been exhausted. The first intermediary results are available.


We publish our results as mini-subscriptions (online) or in print. We aspire great importance to usability in all musical situations: linked videos, further information or useful downloads can also be found in our paper edition.