The musicians benefit

Doing something for your own health while making music is rational. To benefit musically, tonally, technically and economically at the same time is promising. That it is also a lot of fun and can show changes immediately is the great advantage for us musicians and our students.

We provide ideas, experiences and suggestions from our own practice and describe them in general terms. It is important to us that everything can be used across methods. Therefor we fall back to >>helpers<<. We misuse some of them while others have been specially developed (partly by us) for this purpose. 

Geige lernen mit Sinn und Spaß
Approach via "helpers"

Via the compendium of >>helpful helpers<< you can learn more about the variety of ideas. Each helper is described. From there you can link to practices, experiences or publications.

Approach via "subjects"

A selection of topics are linked opposite/below. Much has been worked out from the perspective of the high strings, but some of the ideas can also be transferred to other groups of instruments.