ema music studio online

We offer mini-workshops on all our topics as well as technique lessons (online). It is important to us that all participants can actively participate and therefore we reduce the number of participants to the size of a small group. 

Language: English (and German)

Topics in the studio

The range of topics changes regularly and grows with new publications, experiences and the queries we receive. Current topics in the overview:

  • Vibrato
  • Left-hand pizzicato (as a "practicing technique")
  • Increasing fluency
  • Rhythm
  • Coordination
  • Handling of the ResoundingFingerboard
  • Thematically open for all enquiries*

* At regular intervals, we offer the opportunity for interested people to discuss their questions and experiences in a small group. There is no set topic, only a moderator and a common space.

Duration - Dates - Times

They are designed to be short and compact. Depending on the topic, a mini-workshop lasts between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours. The respective duration can be found in the announcement.

The online tool

The workshops are held via uwMeeting*. Participation is possible without registration: you will receive a direct link. The three recommended browsers for optimal use with interaction: Chrome, Edge, Opera.

*on the technical requirements of uwMeeting

Costs - Payment - Registration

The respective costs are listed for each event. Payment is uncomplicated via PayPal or alternatively as a bank transfer. Some offers are also free of charge. The registration deadline is always 7 days in advance. Registration is done in writing via the respective linked registration form.


The workshop language is English. >>View offers in German here<<