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We offer mini-workshops on all our topics as well as technique lessons (online). It is important to us that all participants can actively participate and therefore we reduce the number of participants to the size of a small group. 

Language: English (and German)

Topics in the studio

Basically, all the topics from our experiments, publications and interim results will also be taught online: Vibrato, left-hand pizzicato (as a "practicing technique"), increasing fluency, learning/practising rhythm, coordination and the basics of the ResoundingFingerboard attachment.

At the moment, due to high demand and the time available in the online Music studio (English), Musikstudio Rhein-Neckar (German) and the Musikstudio online (German), we are offering a workshop on "Basics with the fingerboard attachment".

Scheduled events

We always plan a few weeks in advance to be able to respond to the current demand. There are no events listed? Would you like to be informed? >>subscribe to the ema-News<<

Currently there are no events.