Basics with the fingerboard attachment

For string players

A mini-workshop for users of the ResoundingFingerboard attachment who want to learn the basics and try it out for themselves.

At the beginning of the workshop, the handling of the fingerboard attachment will be shown and practised (if necessary). Special features such as the Bad-Fingerboard-Day will be discussed and current tips and experiences will be passed on.

Following this, the first exercises for different areas of application will be discussed (e.g. vibrato, fluency, double stops, finger drop and finger pressure) and exercises will be shown and tried out in each case.

Everything is to be tried out directly by everyone and any questions that arise are to be discussed directly.

Basics with the Resounding Fingerboard
For string players

In addition to a suitable terminal device (computer, laptop, tablet or similar) that enables audio and video participation,  are required:

  • Instrument
  • Bow
  • Finngerboard attachment

Angelika S. Schepke (Co-inventor of the fingerboard attachment)

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