Arm vibrato for violin and viola

39 exercises with 90 variations for all playing levels of violin and viola players. Book by Erdmute Maria Hohage. The focus of the collection:

  • Independence of left and right hand
  • Conciously forming the vibrato
  • vibrating through notes
  • Link to other playing techniques included: changing finger positions, legato, double steps, preparing vibrato with chords, changing fingers.

The booklet has 96 pages, bilingual (English and German) and has more than 100 QR codes*, that link to video demonstrations and further information | 1st Edition 2021 | 19,95€ [Germany]| ISBN 978-3-00-068280-3 | obtainable through bookshops or directly from >><<

*The use of the QR codes is optional: There is no legal entitlement.