Left-hand pizzicato: questions on the practicing technique

For violin and viola players

Mini-Workshop for the publication: Pizzicato-Welt Violin und Viola, ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9 by Erdmute Maria Hohage. The practice book presents the first systematic elaboration of the left-hand pizzicato as a practice technique. The aim of the workshop is to discuss and try out questions around the practice technique and the suggested exercises.

Left-hand pizzicato Violin and Viola
Video impression

Target group:

Participants can own the booklet Pizzicato world violin and viola, ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9, and have had some experience with the technique as a practitioner and/or teacher. As the workshop builds directly on the questions of the participants, it is assumed that participants:

  • actively contribute with their questions and experiences,
  • are willing to try out exercises together with others, and
  • want to participate with audio and video.


In addition to a suitable terminal device (computer, laptop, tablet or similar) for audio and video participation, the following are required:

  • Instrument
  • Bow
  • Edition Pizzicato World violin and viola (ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9)

Scheduled workshops

29th March 2023

Start: 29th March 10:00 am (CET)
29th March 11:30 am (CET)

Group size: 4-6 participants


Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass

Registration deadline:
20th March 2023

Registration takes place via the electronic registration form. 
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Allocation of places:
The number of places is limited to 4-6 participants. They will be allocated according to the number of registrations received. If the date is already fully booked, we will offer a place on the waiting list (after prior consultation).


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