For violin and viola players

Linke-Hand-Pizzicato als Übetechnik

Mini-Workshop for the publication: Pizzicato-Welt Violin und Viola ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9 by Erdmute Maria Hohage. The practice book presents the first systematic elaboration of the left-hand pizzicato as a practice technique. The aim of the workshop is to discuss and try out questions around the practice technique and the suggested exercises.

Target group

Participants should habe the booklet Pizzicato world violin and viola, ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9 or have downloaded the 5 free exercises from the booklet and have made some experiences with the technique as a practitioner and/or as a teacher. As the workshop builds directly on the questions of the participants, it is assumed that participants:

  • actively contribute with their questions and experiences,
  • are willing to try out exercises together with others, and
  • want to participate with audio and video.


In addition to a suitable terminal device (computer, laptop, tablet or similar) for audio and video participation, the following are required:

  • Instrument
  • Bow
  • Edition Pizzicato World violin and viola (ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9)/downloaded exercises 

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